Double Insight Inc. was founded by a group of executives who have insights and discernment for both Chinese innovation/production capability and the market dynamics in the West. The name “Double Insight” represents this unique advantage of the company.

We are specialized in market research, product introduction and sales expansion. Our operations range from importing, wholesaling, to on-line retailing. Our expertise builds on new marketing technologies in the digital economy and social networking. This allows us to discover the demands in a consumer market quickly, capture the market with the most suitable products and scale sales dramatically.

Here is one notable success story in our history. In 2003 we introduced a children’s ride-on car to US and Canada. We built a brand for it via unconventional approaches with very little advertising cost. Since then, over 1 million ride-on cars have been sold in US/Canada and Europe. This created a market of over US$60M in size.